Vyper 2.0 Is The Best Recovery Tool For Sore Muscles

Is there any better feeling than your sore muscles after a workout? The answer is no. That soreness means you got better, faster, stronger. However, when sore muscles are left untreated, they can cause other problems. That’s why stretching and massage are such important parts of athletic recovery.

The Vyper 2.0 high-intensity vibrating fitness roller from Hyperice is the best post-workout tool to facilitate the recovery of your muscles. It also allows you to warm up by activating your muscles before a workout or game. Plus, it’s twice as effective as a regular foam roller.

The Vyper Difference

So, what does Vyper 2.0 have going for it? For one, it is used by some of the world’s top athletes to aid their recovery process. The roller features extra-strong vibrations that penetrate deep into the muscles for greater loosening and blood circulation. Ultimately, this leads to better healing and less soreness after a tough workout.

Vyper 2.0 has three unique vibration modes that transmit the right amount of force when you need it. The roller’s clever design allows the vibrations to remain strong even when you are placing your entire body weight atop the foam. That can’t be said for low-end vibrating massage rollers on the market that die when more weight is applied on top of them.

Enhanced Athletic Performance

Tests showed that Vyper 2.0 helped athletes achieve up to 40 percent better range of motion than those who didn’t use a roller. It also performed twice as well as traditional rollers in this category.

When it comes to enhancing your athletic performance, using Vyper 2.0 before a game or race can make all the difference. By priming your muscles, they will then perform better once the action begins.

If you’re looking for a tool that helps your body recover while also increasing its performance, look no further than the Vyper 2.0. With an innovative design and terrific vibrational strength, it outperforms all other rollers. Buy Here

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