The Waboba Moon Ball Gives Players a Gravity-Defying Bounce

While Fortnite and Animal Crossing are addicting and fun, there are days where you crave to be outside and not looking at a screen. Waboba is redesigning the classic games we loved to play growing up. The Sweden-based brand began in 2005 with the mission to “bring back play.” They want their products to help people and pets unplug and play outside.

They’re doing this by creating unique and fun products for all ages. They started with the invention of the original “ball that bounces on water.” The Water Bouncing Balls were created following the idea of skipping rocks. Waboba has reinvented other games like the Flyer in place of hacky sack, a Wingman over flying discs, and more. 

A routine game, elevated

The Moon Ball is another simple, but entertaining invention from the Waboba team. It’s a “hyper bouncy ball” that gives you a crazy, gravity-defying bounce. The Moon Ball’s design follows suit to its name. There are craters on the ball that make a “pop” sound when it hits the pavement. Its crazy bounce is another nod to the ball’s moniker.

The ball can bounce up to 100 feet in the air, unlike any other outdoor ball you’ve ever played with. While it’s not quite up all the way to the moon, it packs quite the bounce. 

The ball is addictive to play on any hard surface, like a skate park, gymnasium, or just on the sidewalk. Make it an intense game of bounce and catch or see how high you can bounce the ball. The Moon Ball is an endless adventure until you bounce it off to oblivion.

It’s small with a 2.48-inch diameter, making it easy to pack on the go for fun anywhere. There are numerous colors and designs, including special editions like Dark Side of the Moon and NASA. All Waboba products are made with durable and high-quality materials. They are designed to be played with as long as possible. Buy Here