WalkingPad Makes It Easy to Get Your Steps In

Did you do your 10,000 steps today? Whether it’s your trainer telling you, your Fitbit, or your Instagram fitspo, 10,000 steps probably sounds like the simplest and most elementary fitness goal in your daily activity. Based on the average person’s stride length, 10,000 steps is almost 5 miles. That sounds like a lot if you don’t walk to work or have a dog to walk and play with, and just sit in front of the screen for 8+ hours a day. And even if you do walk quite a bit, you might not reach that magic 10,000. Don’t worry because this number isn’t a prescription, just a suggestion. In the 1960s, pedometers sold in Japan were marketed as “manpo-kei,” which translated to “10,000 steps meter” in English, lending the moniker to the fitness industry today.

So how much should you really walk? The CDC’s recommendation is about 7,000 to 8,000 steps a day. The average American walks about 5,900 steps a day and a sedentary person may only average 1,000 to 3,000 steps. Walking more leads to a healthier lifestyle and body, including improved circulation, better mood, stronger muscles, better sleep, and more. Busy work schedules, crappy weather, and just good ol’ laziness are just a few reasons why getting your daily exercise seems so hard. If you don’t have time to hit the gym or pound the pavement or just don’t have the space for the standard gym equipment, WalkingPad is the perfect fitness solution.

What’s the WalkingPad?

WalkingPad is a smart, sleek, and foldable treadmill designed to promote an active lifestyle even in small spaces! It was created in 2016 by a group of professors, sports scientists, mechanical and electrical engineers, and a product design expert in Chicago. The unique design is the future of at-home or in-office fitness. The frame is composed of aluminum alloy for its integrity, endurance, and lightweightness. The structure coupled with the two transportation wheels underneath makes WalkingPad easy to move and store. The patented double fold technology makes setup and storing away quick and easy, and also gives it a smaller footprint. WalkingPad has an elastic and comfortable low impact running surface with a smooth layer of cushioning soft gel. The low profile raises it only 2.24” off the ground and minimizes the risk of you falling off the belt.

What’s smart about it?

Tech is no stranger in the fitness industry. With that, WalkingPad joined Xiaomi’s smart home product ecosystem to integrate the two in this innovative product. A LED display is embedded behind the panel’s surface. The display glows when the treadmill is on, but is invisible when it’s off, adding to the sleek and minimalist design. WalkingPad has two exercise modes: manual and automatic. Operate in manual mode with the handy remote, which lets you power on and off, toggle speed, and change modes. In automatic mode, WalkingPad’s patented Adaptive Speed Control system adjusts the belt speed to your pace. Track your activity and stay connected with the WalkingPad app, which syncs your phone to the treadmill. The app lets you control your speed as well as track distance, steps, duration, and calories burned in each session and your entire history. Learn More


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