Invisible Wall Plate Adds Dual USB Chargers To Your Electrical Outlets

USB Chargers

It is not possible to have too many USB chargers in your home. I personally believe that every outlet built should include USB outlets as well. This invisible wall plate goes over the existing electrical outlets in your home. You can choose to paint it any color you like or leave it as is. It’s incredibly easy to install and adds 2 USB chargers to every outlet in your house.

Replace your existing favorite power outlet with something a little better. This clever plate installs easily and wirelessly, adding two USB ports so you can charge two devices without occupying an outlet. Stop unplugging the lamp every time you need to charge, this plate gives you extra flexibility. Buy Here

USB Chargers

The Details:

  • Adds 2 USB ports w/ 1.2 amps
  • Manually installed w/ ease without any wiring necessary
  • Provides surge protection for anything you plug in

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