Warby Parker Lets You Try on Glasses With Your iPhone

We’ve come to love the convenience of not leaving the house. That’s extended to grocery delivery services, meal subscription boxes, obviously food delivery, and even home try-on services. Amazon Prime Wardrobe, Trunk Club, and Under Armour’s ArmourBox are just a few examples of companies offering a home try-on service, primarily for clothes. But what about a home try-on for something that can be a pain in the ass to shop for? Something like glasses. Enter the game changer of modern glasses shopping: Warby Parker.

Warby Parker has been at the forefront of providing this service for almost a decade. Some may even say they were the pioneers of the home try-on. This service was one of the baselines of their business model. It gave customers convenience, options, and generally, just amazing service. It was so easy too. You select five frames you want to try on, which ships free, then ship them back after five days (also free). If nothing works for you, just order five more! It’s quick and easy. Warby Parker’s home try-on service is still here, but now the company is bringing the ease and convenience of the service to the next level with their new app.

The beauty of AR tech

Shopping for glasses just got a whole lot easier. See how you’ll look with any and all of Warby Parker’s stylish frames with the convenience of your phone. The new Warby Parker app update uses augmented reality to let you try on glasses virtually. Of course, we’re all familiar with AR thanks to Pokemon Go, but that was just the beginning. Many apps and services across industries have employed AR, like Snapchat filters, Google Translate, Amazon, and plenty of other games like Jurassic World Alive and Zombies, Run!. Ikea lets you see what a dresser may look in your bedroom. Amazon shows you how a lamp might look on that dresser. AR tech has even taken to clothing stores, letting you see what different styles look on you with a digital mirror.

Warby Parker’s AR try-on feature is available for the iPhone X and newer. It uses face mapping technology, which is found in iPhones with the TrueDepth camera. This is the same tech in Face ID and what creates those fun Animoji that lets you be a pig or a piece of poop. The TrueDepth camera projects 30,000 infrared dots onto a person’s face. These dots create a 3D face map, which makes it possible to model the actual fit of wearable products.

It’s like the real thing

Warby Parker isn’t new to using face mapping or AR, having previously used the iPhone’s TrueDepth camera for glasses recommendations based on your face map. This update pushes that tech further. You won’t need to step foot in the store or wait for your five pairs to arrive in the mail. The app also features social sharing, so you can post pictures of you sporting all the eyewear and ask what the world thinks. Using the app and trying on frames is easy. Download the app, available on iOS only at the moment, and choose a pair of frames. Then swipe down to activate the virtual try-on feature, which will open the front-facing camera and map the glasses onto your face. Even as you move around, the glasses stay fixed in place. It even shows little details like how light filters through acetate frames or shines on metal details.

As a direct-to-consumer eyeglass brand, Warby Parker revolutionized glasses shopping with their home try-on service and with this update, they’ve done it again. Check It Out



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