These Waterproof Knit Sneakers Are A Perfect Blend Of Comfort And Practicality

Knit shoes are awesome. Coming from someone who wears them daily, I can attest to their lightness and comfort. Unfortunately, most knit sneakers aren’t waterproof. This makes it hard to wear them when it’s rainy or there is snow on the ground. Unfortunately, most waterproof shoes are either leather or ugly. What if knit shoes could be waterproof? That would be an awesome blend of comfort, style, and functionality. Thanks to Vessi Footwear, now they are.

These shoes take advantage of a technology known as nano-filtering membranes. This tech keeps your feet dry whether you stomp through a puddle or trudge through the slush. They aren’t water-resistant or water-repellant, they are 100% waterproof. These kicks will keeps your socks and feet dry no matter what the weather is.

A four-way stretch knit upper hugs your foot like a second sock for personalized fit and flexible support. Their lightweight design doesn’t sacrifice performance but makes all-day wear more comfortable.  Finally, the knit design has built-in moisture wicking tech to keep your feet dry from the inside. No sweat, no rain, no snow, no problems.

Oh, and did we mention that these shoes are stylish? That’s right, the grey and white design works great with the knit texture. Trendy laces are fit into faux-suede patch on the side for a hint of class to go with the casual look of these sneakers. Buy Here

P.S. Go check these out now and use the code VESSI10 at checkout for 10% off your new kicks.

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