WaterRower Classic Wooden Rowing Machine

If you can’t be a Viking in real life, you might as well work out like one. After all, those guys didn’t get giant shoulders and arms by drinking out of a horn. It was from all the rowing to go pillage the horn ale. What better inspiration to row that a nice big mug of ale?

Since you likely don’t have access to a Viking ship, this rowing machine brings the greatness of the rowing workout to your home. (Ale not included). The frame is handmade from real American Black Walnut wood. And, its sustainably sourced from forests where growth outnumbers removal by over 200%. Who says you can’t be an eco-friendly Viking?

The resistance from this machine comes from real water, so it’s just like if you were actually rowing. You can increase the resistance by pulling harder and faster. The more you put in, the more you’ll get out. As you row, you’ll use lots of different muscle groups for a calorie-burning, full-body workout.

On top of that, the wood frame is excellent at dampening the noise that traditional rowing machines make, but the swooshing noise of the water is a soothing sound that you get with each pull.

The sleek look of the wood, and eye-catching finish with Danish oil make this not only a workout machine, but a work of art. When you’re done, it stores upright, so you can keep it anywhere, in any size room. Really, there’s nothing not to love about this classic rowing machine. Buy Here


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