Watershed Distillery’s Small Batch Bourbon Is American Made Goodness

Watershed bourbon

Bourbon. By far my favorite of all the dark liquors. Some people prefer scotch or rum or motor oil, but for my money, I want bourbon. Barrels of it. I also want it made in America like Watershed Distillery’s double distilled, small batch bourbon. I’m particular like that.

Watershed bourbon is made in Columbus, Ohio and it’s made from a grain bill of corn, wheat, rye, barley & spelt. It is double distilled and aged in charred American Oak barrels.

The bourbon is aged up to 3.5 years and is 47% alcohol by volume. Not to mention it is f*ckin’ delicious.

Bourbon isn’t the only thing that Watershed Distillery produces. They have various other alchols including vodka, gin, a new seasonal apple brandy, and Nocino, which is a extremely rare black walnut liqueur. Yum.

Learn more about Watershed’s offerings here. 

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