Waylens Horizon Camera Is The Only Dash Cam For Auto Enthusiasts

Some people have a dash cam to cover themselves should they get in an accident that isn’t their fault. Others have a dash cam to capture the sweet footage as they tear around a racetrack. We think the latter is much cooler. So do the makers of the Waylens Horizon. It is the first and only in-car camera system aimed directly at auto enthusiasts.

The Waylens Horizon captures high-speed video at 1080p/60fps easily. You can capture awesome driving footage day or night thanks to a CMOS sensor. It lets in more light so you get sharper, brighter video. When you pull over after a run, you can easily edit and share your video in real time from the road thanks to a OBD-II transmitter and mobile app. Easily share your footage with the desktop or mobile app without sacrificing quality.

Unlike bulky dash cams that ruin an otherwise sleek car interior, the Waylens was designed to fit right in. Whether you’re driving a custom sportscar or your favorite roadster, the Waylens looks great on your dash. It lets you post 0-30 and 0-60 times to a cloud-based leaderboard in real time. You can see and compete with others to fulfill your need for speed. It also features a built-in GPS to map out your track and automatically capture lap times. Your Waylens Horizon captures more than just video, it captures data. You can understand how different conditions, turns, and even the sounds of your engine affect performance. Witness your driving like never before with the Waylens Horizon. Buy Here

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