Things You Should Know: Three Different Ways To Cut A Cigar

ways to cut a cigar

Believe it or not, there are multiple ways to cut a cigar. The traditional flat cut may not be the best cigar cut, and we’ll soon see why.

The three main types of cigar cuts are the Punch Cut, V-Cut, and the traditional Guillotine. It is important to consider the type of cigar you are smoking before choosing the best cut. The crew from ‘Gent’s Lounge’ on YouTube put together this clip. In it, we can see the three cigar cut styles and when to use them best:

One thing that can hold you back from cutting your cigar in the right way is not having the proper hardware. The V-Cut, Punch Cut, and Guillotine Cut each requires a different type of cigar cutter. Thankfully, you can purchase these cutters on Amazon and find them at affordable prices.

ways to cut a cigar

A V-Cut cigar cutter retails for $9.99. The top-rated Guillotine cigar cutter sells for $14. You can even purchase a Guillotine Cutter + Cigar Punch combo for only $14.99.

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