We Are Rewind Gives the Cassette Player a Modern Makeover

Everything runs in a cycle and what’s old becomes trendy again. We’ve seen it with games, music, movies, and tech. While we’re familiar with the resurgence of record players, there’s a new kid on the throwback block of music. No, it’s not CD players—at least, not yet. We’re going even further back, all the way to cassette players.

That’s right, it’s time to hit up thrift stores and your parents’ and grandparents’ attics for old tapes. Even today’s artists are jumping on the cassette bandwagon. So if you need a more tangible way of listening to music, turn off Spotify and pick up a cassette player! Sure, the cassette players of old aren’t exactly the sleekest or coolest, but that’s about to change. They definitely need an upgrade and We Are Rewind is here to deliver.

We Are Rewind is led by French entrepreneur Romain Boudruche and his business partners. They were first inspired to create the cassette player after watching movies and TV shows with ‘80s influence, like Stranger Things and Guardians of the Galaxy

A mix of today and the ‘80s

The We Are Rewind cassette player is about the same size and shape as the iconic Sony Walkman. Like the ‘80s cassette players, it has physical push-button controls on the top. However, there are some modern features, including an all-aluminum body and Bluetooth functionality.

The Bluetooth feature lets you play music through a third-party Bluetooth speaker or headphones. Another modern upgrade is that you can use this to record music onto a blank cassette. To do so, simply run a line from your phone or computer into the 3.5-mm stereo line-in port, press record, and play the song from your device. You can make an old-school mixtape!

The cassette player is powered by an integrated lithium battery instead of AA batteries. One charge will give you about 10 hours of playtime. It comes in three color options: orange, blue, and grey. All three designs have one yellow and four black push-buttons. Buy Here