Sledding’s More Fun and Easy With Wearable Snow Sleds

Winter doesn’t have to be all gloom and doom. Look at the bright side: there’s hot chocolate, snowball fights, ice skating, and of course, sledding! Lugging around a sled may be nostalgic for many, but sledding’s taking on a newer and more portable format. Sled Legs has reinvented sledding with wearable snow sleds. There has never been a sledding experience like this before! Just run, slide, and sled without the hassle.

All the fun of sledding without the hassle

Made in Canada, these strap on sleds are fit for kids and adults alike, perfect for the whole family. Each sled has a ramp design in the interior foam, which will prevent your toes from dragging as you slide down the hill. Your toes will act like a rudder instead, helping you turn or stop and giving you complete control. The sleds are made of durable ABS plastic and each has a molded foam pad for comfort and extra leg support, preventing any discomfort in your knees or legs.

They are easy to put on and simple to wear. Simply loop the elastic end through the slot and secure it in place. Make sure you hold the sled to your leg and loop the opposite end of the strap around the leg through the slot and adjust to fit. Straps are secure, so you don’t have to worry about losing control or a sled leg. You can stay out all day sliding downhills and not be tired of lugging around the traditional sleds and toboggans. Any breaks are reserved for hot cocoa only.

The sled legs come in small and large and in five bright and exciting colors. The small fits riders between 4’ and 5’ and who weigh up to 125 pounds. The large is perfect for people 5’ and taller and up to 250 pounds. Buy Here



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