‘Where Bartenders Drink’ Is Your Guide To The World’s Best Drinking Spots

Where Bartenders Drink

If the title Where Bartenders Drink kind of looks familiar, that is because it is. The book follows in the footsteps of the popular books Where Chefs Eat and Where to Eat PizzaIf you own both of those books, then you’ll probably want to get your mitts on this book.

Whether you like going out to dive bars or you like trendy lounges with a unique vibe, Where Bartenders Drink is your tour guide. The book was written with the help of 300 expert drink-makers and it features 750 drinking spots across 60 countries. It is basically a list of watering holes that bartenders would drink at when they aren’t working.

In terms of venues, Where Bartenders Drink doesn’t just list random dive bars, either. It features lounges, clubs, hotel bars, and even after-hours establishments. Like I said, if you like traveling and drinking, then this book is your new bible.

Where Bartenders Drink will be released on February 27. 2017. You can pre-order your copy below.

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Where Bartenders Drink

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