Whisky Me Is Bringing You Whisky In Portable, Capri Sun-Like Pouches

whisky me

Whisky enthusiasts are very particular about their whisky and how said whisky is handled. They are even particular about how it is served directly into their mouths. So I can see how a picky whisky lover might see the pouches from Whisky Me and scoff at the idea of ever drinking one of them.

But hear me out! Take a long, hard look at these pouches. Sure, they look like Capri Sun at first glance, but a closer look by someone who has kids might let you see a much different resemblance. My point is, these Whisky Me pouches look exactly like baby food pouches!

Why am I excited about that? What does that mean for you?

It means that you have a 99% chance of being able to sneak them through airport security if you mix them in with other baby food because baby food, formula and breast milk are liquids that are allowed to pass. Because kids need to eat.

Enough about how to game the system, let’s learn about how Whisky Me works.

Whiskey Me was founded by Tom Aske and Tristan Stephenson, the founders of Black Rock, a whiskey bar located in London. For $10 a month, subscribers to the service receive a 1.7-ounce package of single malt scotch delivered to your door every month. The service features whiskies from a variety of distilleries, including Aberfeldy, Macallan and Royal Lochnagar.

Learn more here and join the whisky pouch revolution.

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