This Whiskey & Tobacco Candle Is About As Macho As A Candle Gets

Whiskey tobacco candle

At some point in the recent past, brands started to think that men needed extra manly stuff. No more using regular Dove soap. Now you use Dove MAN. No more regular scented candles. Now your candles smell like lumber and pure gasoline. Or, in the case of this candle we’re featuring from Northern Lights Candles, they smell like Whiskey and Tobacco.

You may think products like this that are aimed just for male consumption are crazy. You may think they are down right stupid. And if you do, let me ask you this: why would I want to have a candle that smells like clean linen or lavender, when I can have a whiskey and tobacco candle that smells like I earned all the hair on my chest? That’s rhetorical.

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Whiskey tobacco candle

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