Store Your Liquor in Style with the Whiskey Vault

Any serious collector knows that having rare, expensive, and high end pieces mean nothing without the ultimate display piece. For those of you on the hunt for a stylish and effective place to store your hard liquor; I have already found the ideal unit.

Why this Whiskey Vault Shines Above the Rest

This display case is so much more than just that. If “vault” hasn’t already given it away, then let me make it more obvious. Whiskey Vault Taiwan has created a storage piece that doubles as a password protected safe and a decorative multi-level display case. This lets you show off all your liquor for house parties and get-togethers without fear of anyone running off with all your whiskey. Not only does this vault feature a UL certified LA Gard password secure electronic locking system, it also has a bolt locking door. The big silver handle is not just for show either, it locks and unlocks three 25mm thick bolts in the door. This handle is machined from aircraft aluminum. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but if it’s trusted for aircrafts I’d trust it holding some alcohol too.

I know you’re probably thinking this is all well and good, but couldn’t someone just brake the glass window? Yes. Well, if they are capable of penetrating bulletproof glass then yes. Besides that, no, your whiskey is safe. Between all that and the solid steel plate construction, this vault is no joke. While I’m no whiskey collector personally, I’m almost considering it just to get one of these.

More Brag Worthy Features from Whiskey Vault Taiwan

In case your collection is too big to be held in one vault, you’re still covered here. A beautiful cabinet made of solid exotic wood is set beneath the vault. This offers not only more storage room but decorative flair as well. Even being composed of just wood I can promise you the cabinet is sturdy enough for any assortment of drinks you have. This is thanks to leveling casters with a capacity of 800kg. The cabinet matches the dimensions of the vault at 77cm in width and 44cm in width. Only differing in height (62cm vault vs 64cm cabinet) it gives a symmetrically pleasing look.

To further the elegant and sophisticated look Whiskey Vault Taiwan has offered you many styling choices. This is because each vault is custom made to order. You have the choice of pairing the black aluminum vault top with Teak (a light shaded wood grain finish), Rosita Walnut (a deeper red/brown wood grain), or Burnt Teak (a black grain finish). Even the inside walls have options. Between black, aluminum silver, or a custom airbrush art piece you can rest assured that they offer some combination to match your home bar and liquor collection. Each unit comes with an individual number plaque with your order number and the Whiskey Vault logo.

Whiskey Vault Taiwan’s vault is ready to store and show off your collection in style. Are you a serious collector looking for the perfect display piece? Perfect. Or are you simply looking for the next thing to bring your home bar or kitchen together? That’s perfect, too. Whatever your needs are, this Whiskey Vault is more than capable enough. Visit Whiskey Vault Taiwan to place your order and finally move your liquor out of the cabinet you’ve been keeping it in all these years. Buy Here


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