The Four-Passenger Whitefox Snowmobile Concept

whitefox snowmobile concept

I haven’t decided if this is quite as cool as the Kia Sorrento Ski Gondola concept (I mean, what is?), but the four-passenger Whitefox Snowmobile concept is like a golf cart for winter. So I guess it is pretty rad, huh?

Just like the Kia Sorrento Ski Gondola, the Whitefox snowmobile, developed by BRP, is currently just a concept. If it weren’t, it would be powered by a 165hp, 850cc two-stroke engine by Rotax. It would also feature heated seats, a roof rack for snowboards and skis, and it would have “pop down wheels on the skis to facilitate turning on asphalt or hard surfaces.” So it’s basically a Transformer.

I know, I, too, am sad that this does not exist. But at least we can look at it and daydream, right?

whitefox snowmobile concept whitefox snowmobile concept

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