Russell Westbrook’s Why Not? Zer0.3 Gives You Speed and Style

When you hit the court, you gotta be smart and you gotta be fast. As a nine-time NBA All-Star with several MVP Awards under his belt, Russell Westbrook is one of basketball’s fiercest competitors. In 2017, he became one of the two players in NBA history to average a triple-double for a season. His fearlessness on the court has led him to a partnership with Jordan Brand, with his first signature shoe released in early 2018, the Why Not? Zer0.1. Two more shoes were released in the collection since then in a number of colorways. The Zer0.3 is the latest addition to the signature line and the lightest. 

Lighter, faster, and more responsive

The Zer0.3 has evolved from its predecessor with a recalibrated look and feel. To create a lighter shoe, the Jordan Brand team reduced the number of layers and materials and added a lower collar. The shoe is also lower to the ground than the Zer0.2. Additionally, it has a modified herringbone traction pattern that helps respond to low, explosive movements. On top of that, this shoe also gives you speed with the largest and newest Zoom Air Bag in the collection. That features horizontal flex grooves that give you linear, end-to-end speed. 

The shoe’s design is disruptive, matching Westbrook’s on-court game and off-court style. The Zer0.3 took some inspiration from Westbrook’s favorite Air Jordans. The decoupled outsole follows the Air Jordan XXVIII’s style with an outsole to separate the forefoot and the heel. The split into two sections helps reduce weight. Italian tailoring also served as inspiration for the Zer0.3, evident in the shoe’s upper. A new touch is a clear, adjustable midfoot strap that fastens in one motion and keeps you stable and locked in over the footbed. There’s also a new crest on the shoe’s tongue that points out members of Westbrook’s family. Light-shifting accents and an exposed factory size tag on the bottom of the shoe also add to its aesthetic. The Zer0.3 is available in full family sizing and multiple colorways for those seeking a wild pop of color or muted neutrals. Buy Here

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