Wicked Big Pong Lets You Relive Your College Days Outside The Basement

First off, we’ll answer the question you’re thinking of as you see this for the first time. “If the other team sinks a ball do we have to drink from these giant cups?” Fortunately for you and your liver, the answer is no. Wouldn’t that be crazy though?

This is a pretty awesome game. You know how Pong works, now just supersize it. Each of the giant ‘cups’ are 24” tall. An inflatable ball is the perfect size for the cups and retains the right proportions of normal pong. Like we said, everything is just supersized. To keep your cups held down, the kit includes weighted bags that can be put in the bottom. If you’re a fan though, try throwing the bags rather than the ball for a unique spin on the game.

When the fun is over, the cups are collapsible and fold down into a convenient carrying case. This makes Wicked Big Pong perfect for the beach, the park, tailgating, barbequing, and more! You can apply normal drinking rules to make it a fun party game or make it kid-friendly and play without the booze. Regardless of how you choose to play, the large size of this game will make it hit at your party or event.

See, all those days in the frat house basement are finally paying off. You’re on the big stage now. See what we did there? Ha ha ha. It would be funnier after you drank the whole giant cup. Buy Here

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