Wickedbone Smart Bone Keeps Your Dog Happy The Smart Way

Is there anything better than seeing your dog happy? Not really. That’s why you buy them the newest and best toys to keep them entertained. But what happens when you can’t take the time to play with your pup?

Whether you’re busy with work, school, or just life in general, the Wickedbone is the smart way to keep your dog entertained. It is an autonomous smart toy that is perfect for young puppies and old faithful dogs alike.

Zoom Zoom

So, what exactly is a smart bone? Although there are a few different kinds of smart dog toys, this one is unique. Each end of the bone houses a wheel that allows it to steer around the house like a mini hoverboard. Your dog will love chasing it around every corner and throughout the room.

Best yet, it is able to steer around on its own. The Wickedbone comes pre-programmed with 12 emotional-driven systems to attract your dog’s attention. It can sense whether your pup is chasing it, teasing it, or avoiding it and respond differently to each action.

With the connected iOS and Android app, you can change how fast Wickedbone zips around the house. For young pups, make it dart around corners and make sharp turns. For older ones, slow down the toy’s speed to let them enjoy it without too much effort.

Built For Dog Owners

The people behind Wickedbone know that your dog’s toys need to be durable. That’s why it’s made with food-grade FDA polycarbonate. The material is soft, yet strong, and keeps your dog’s teeth safe.

Moreover, Wickedbone features removable tires and a protective cover which makes it easy to clean. With a 470 mAh rechargeable battery inside, your pup will never be bored again. When you do have time to play, you can even control the Wickedbone manually through the app. Buy Here

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