You Can Run a Marathon in These Custom Flip Flops

Can you imagine running a marathon in sandals? The team at Wiivv engineered a sandal so comfortable and supportive that you can. Wiivv Sandals are custom designed using your foot measurements taken from the Wiivv app. Your feet are digitally mapped using more than 200 points. The points analyze your arch contours, foot length, width, and volume, and toe spacing. Wiivv then 3D prints a custom arch for each foot, places each toe thong to fit exactly between your toes, and adjusts each strap to fit your foot.

The sandals’ straps are also adjustable and interchangeable, so you can adjust the tightness or switch up the design at any time. The seamless, cushioned straps have no plastic or rough spots, so that’s less chafing and blisters. The sandals have a deep contoured heel cup and a shock absorbing triple-density foam footbed. These features stabilize the foot and promote an aligned heel strike, so you can have optimized movement.

Wiivv sandals have the convenience and style of a flip flop, but can be worn all day long. They’re waterproof and sweatproof, durable for any adventure. Whether you’re recovering after a long run or just commuting to work, these sandals will be your new go-to. Although Wiivv engineer Chris Bellamy finished a sub-three Boston Marathon in heavy, cold downpour in Wiivvs, flip flops still aren’t really meant for running, no matter how comfortable they are. But it’s cool to know that you can in these babies. Buy Here


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