Willy Care Kit: Oddly Usable Gag Gift?

Men typically have plenty of grooming products to choose from when it comes to their heads. While ‘manscaping’ options are slightly more scarce, this particular kit is something I’d bet you haven’t seen. The Willy Care Kit is exactly what it sounds like (as long as you’ve got a dirty enough mind). It may look a bit like a gag gift for your male companions, but it seems equally practical.

Care Kit for Where It Counts

Most ‘willies’ don’t get the care they deserve. Maybe the ole’ sausage sword isn’t the first thing someone sees when they look at you, but it deserves TLC too. This hilarious kit includes some usable grooming tools and even some flashy ball jewelry (probably the first time you’ve heard those three words together).

It is equipped with a miniature fluffing brush, styling shears, a sprucing mirror, and even something known as ‘evening wear’. It looks like a small silver bracelet but something tells me it isn’t meant for your wrist.

Gag Gift or Not, It Looks the Part

While this fun little kit may sound like a gag gift and nothing more, it’s certainly hard to tell by looking at it. The materials used don’t appear to cheaply thrown together. The packaging is very professional and luxurious looking. The dark box with simple metallic writing gives it a very serious look.

Inside each accessory is neatly nestled in its own compartment with elegant labels to keep it all in order. I’m sure anyone receiving this gift would initially react with laughs, but I’d bet this Willy Care Kit would get its fair share of usage. After all, anything named the ‘family jewels’ should be kept and presented with the utmost care.

While the Willy Care Kit may initially look like a perfect white elephant or stocking stuffer gag gift, it is equally appropriate in a care package. With enough practicality and luxury to match its humor, this would be perfect for any of your male family or friends. Buy Here

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