The Wilson X Connected Football Turns Practice Into A Game With Smart Technology


In 2016, everyone is looking for an advantage. Talent and hard work can only take you so far. As an athlete, when you hit that wall you start to analyze stats and data to find your weaknesses. That’s where the Wilson X Connected football comes in. Much like similar products that you find in golf, this football uses smart technology to measures distance, speed, spiral efficiency, and catch/drop thanks to an undetectable sensor that connects the ball to the Wilson X app. And to think, when I was a kid all you had to do was look at someone to know if they were worth a damn at football or not. My, how the times have changed.

Getting better at Football might be the whole point, but the Wilson X Connected football also makes practice more fun. Or even just a causal, but still somehow competitive, game of catch with your friends in the backyard. Put this football into a middle-aged guys hands, especially one who had a stellar high school career (or so he claims), and you just helped him figure out how he’s going to spend the next week of his life. Firing that pigskin, baby!

The Wilson X Connected Football comes in two sizes: Official and Junior. You can learn more about the world’s first ever smart football here – $199.


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