Winebreather Carafe Is The Perfect Wine Aerator And Decanter

Winebreather Carafe Decanter

The Winebreather Carafe is the perfect wine aerator. Why? The Winebreather Carafe allows you to aerate wine directly from the bottle and pour it back in if you don’t finish.

If you love wine then you probably already own a wine aerator or decanter. Most aerators and decanters are built in shapes that make it impossible to save your wine if you don’t finish. Many are also built in shapes which make pouring the wine difficult. The Winebreather Carafe is simple and straightforward.

When you are ready to inject oxygen into your wine and unlock the flavors all you have to do is follow one simple step. You attach the Winebreather Carafe to the top of your wine bottle and flip it over. This opens up your wine by aerating it and pours all of the wine into the decanter. From there you can drink as much as you want. If you happen to not finish all of the wine you can reattach the bottle and easily pour the wine back into the bottle.

This is truly the most well-built design we’ve ever seen for a wine decanter. It injects flavor-enriching oxygen into your wine instantly. This is vital for opening up both expensive and average bottles of wine. The oxgyen is needed in order to truly unlock the flavor profiles. And this decanter does so in a spill-free manner which allows you to save any leftover wine. Buy Now

Winebreather Carafe Decanter

Winebreather Carafe Decanter

Winebreather Carafe Decanter

The Details:

  • The Winebreather Carafe is a genius-designed wine aerator which allows you to easily decant all of your delicious wine
  • If you don’t finish all of your wine in the aerator you can easily reattach the bottle and pour it all back from the aerator into the bottle
  • This is a perfect gift for any wine lover

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