Style, Comfort, Space and Luxury: The Winnebago Boldt

Nearly everyone loves to travel, but long car rides can be a dread. Sleeping in motels, stopping at gas stations to use the bathroom, getting cramps from sitting too long, and the list could go on. However, traveling can get so much more comfortable. With the Winnebago Boldt, all of these inconvenient and agonizing things are no longer an issue.

A Whole New Level of Comfort

When you hear the words bed, bath, electrical system, plumbing, cooling, and heating, you probably are thinking of traits used to describes homes and apartments. Well, these are all aspects of the Boldt. That’s right, all that and more can be a part of your next road trip. The Boldt brings comfort to another level with features that some houses don’t even have. With every appliance and tool you could ever want, this is really a home on wheels.


This Winnebago has a flexible bedroom, meaning the bedroom doubles as a common living area. Simply reorganize the cushions of the bed to create a community seating area for several people. In its bedroom configuration, you can choose between setting up one large bed or a pair of twins. In either configuration, it features a deluxe sleep system. This room also contains a full wardrobe, allowing you to bring as many outfit options as you want. There is no need to settle with this room, and as you’ll read the rest of the Boldt is the same way.


Another great feature is the kitchen. This is a legitimate kitchen; not just some cutting board and microwave crammed in the back. It features a stainless steel sink, refrigerator and freezer, and a microwave oven and conventional oven, both with touch controls. With all these appliances to cook with, there is also plenty of countertop space for cutting; including a bamboo cutting board to put over the sink for additional room. For cleaning and prepping food, there is a cold water purification system. After you’ve put these to use preparing your five course meal you can serve all your friends at the pull up table.


With a full shower, toilet and sink set up this is a fully functioning and complete bathroom. The shower comes with an Oxygenics showerhead. It also has a curtain so even when used people can still come in to use the sink or toilet if needed. Speaking of sink and toilet, the sink is stainless steel (to match the kitchen), and the toilet features a foot pedal and sprayer. With a bar for towels, lavatory cabinet, and bath cabinet there is plenty of space for all your personal hygiene and cleaning items. Another nice feature is a powered roof vent. This way you can take hot showers without steaming up the bathroom. 

More Features of the Boldt

With USB charging ports, storage baskets, ceiling lights, a mirror, Rough Ram track mounts, and more features, even the hardest to please are going to have everything they need. For entertainment purposes, there is a 24″ LED HDTV and a JBL soundbar to give the highest quality movie and show watching experience possible. There is also a systems control unit to monitor all the electronics. With enough wattage and battery power to run a small city, there is no need to stress over conserving the power in the Boldt. Another great feature is the AC and heating system to keep you cool and comfortable regardless of the weather outside. I could go on (and on, and on, and on…) but I think you get the point. It has everything!

Comfortable Living Space…But How’s it Drive?

The Winnebago Boldt is made from the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Chassis. With the ultimate living space, they needed to have an equally high quality vehicle to carry all of it. With brake assist, lane assist, and blind spot assist, piloting this magnificent vehicle is no trouble at all. Thanks to Mercedez the Boldt has a 3.0 liter 6 cylinder turbo diesel which delivers enough torque to pull a mountain. The power is sent to the wheels through a 7 speed Tronic automatic transmission to deliver a smooth and efficient driving experience. In case you need to bring even more than what’s already in the Boldt with you on your travels, a trailer hitch is on back. This hitch has a 5,000 lb drawbar and 500 lb vertical max capacity. To put it in perspective, that is enough to carry over 5 full sized jet skis.

With everything mentioned, there is still loads more the Winnebago Boldt has to offer. Creating a vehicle with the ultimate living spaces that’s based off an incredibly reliable and luxurious german van is a perfect formula that has created the ultimate travel vehicle. Debuting in late Spring of 2019, the Boldt is going to soon be the upper echelon in travel that is completely raising the bar of luxury long distance driving. With a price that is to be determined, nearly any amount of money would be worth all that comes in this total package, all in one, Winnebago. Learn More


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