Winter Jack Will Warm You Up On A Cold Night

There’s no denying it. Yes, unfortunately it’s that time again. Or at least it will be soon. Most areas around the country are already starting to experience the dropping temperatures and crisp winds that accompany fall and winter. That’s right, winter is coming. It would be so much cooler with dragons. Yet, here we are. Dragonless and preparing to embark on another winter full of snow, clouds, and huddling inside by the fire with friends. This year, make your cold months a little better with a bottle of Winter Jack and its endless possibilities.

When the first just isn’t warming you up enough, you need to look elsewhere for warmth. How about warming up from the inside out? Sounds like a job for… alcohol! Plus, if you drink enough you might even forget that there’s a foot of snow outside. Winter Jack comes from, you guessed it, Jack Daniel’s. It is a unique blend of apple cider liqueur, Jack’s Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey, and a special blend of holiday spices. If it sounds like something straight out of your local hipster distillery, you aren’t far off. Winter Jack comes from a timeless family recipe from Jack’s home in Lynchburg, Tennessee.

This whiskey features an inviting aroma and seasonal spices that your nose can’t mistake. It brings with it all the smells of the season. This is complimented by notes of orange peel, cinnamon, and clove. You don’t usually think of these as whiskey ingredients, but the blend really works well for Winter Jack. Others describe it as “apple pie meets Tennessee whiskey”. Perhaps due to the delicious apple cider liqueur.

Though winter isn’t quite upon us, you’ll want to head out and get a bottle of this for yourself soon. Winter Jack is available for a limited time in both the US and Canada for the month of October and early November. Fortunately, Jack Daniel’s has put together this useful tool for helping you find a bottle of the stuff at a store near you. You can check it out here.

As always, you can drink this whiskey however you like. It’s delicious whether you prefer it on the rocks or straight. They also suggest serving it warm for the winter months. Again, this isn’t a normal way to drink whiskey, but we must say it’s worth a try. Warm it up in a mug with a slice of orange peel and a fresh cinnamon stick. The warm apple and cinnamon flavors really show through while the orange peel gives it some character. You can feel each sip warming you up from within.

If you’re more of a mixed drink person, no worries. Winter Jack can be made into some fantastic winter drinks. For one, try it with some honey and warm apple cider (the normal kind). This “Jack’s Honey Cider” is easy to make and even easier to drink. You won’t even mind being trapped inside with this drink in your hand and some good friends next to you. Give winter the middle finger this winter and grab a bottle of Winter Jack. Buy Here


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