Get in the Galactic Spirit with WipeSabers for Your Wipers

When the BB-8 USB charger, Boba Fett air freshener and Yoda bobble head just aren’t enough, pimp your ride galactic-style with WipeSabers from WiperTags. An accessory for your rear wiper? That’s something else! Cars have bumper stickers, antenna toppers and even eyelashes for headlights, but your car can never have too many accessories! They add character and fun, which is definitely needed when you’re stuck in traffic. Traffic is stressful, boring and annoying. The WipeSaber gives everyone behind you something awesome to look at.

WiperTags covers are durable and weather resistant. They’re lightweight, won’t fade in the sun and are interchangeable with other designs. The covers measure 16” long, the universal length for rear wipers, so they would fit pretty much all rear wipers. Rain, snow, sun or sleet, you can use your WiperTag year-round in any weather condition. They won’t affect your blade’s functioning or damage your car. The locking strips make these covers easy to attach, remove and re-attach. You won’t need batteries, wiring or any special tools to set them up. The covers are super reflective and will emit an intense glow when hit with direct headlights or bright lights. The lightsaber style just makes it look ten times cooler. This is a great accessory for any Star Wars fan. The Millennium Falcon would have one if it could! Buy Here


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