Witness The Nike x Gyakusou Running Shoe

First, you’ll need to figure out how to pronounce that name. Actually, you might be wondering, what is that name? Gyakusou is a Tokyo-based running crew that has recently collaborated with Nike to bring us a special edition Zoom Pegasus 35 Turbo. It looks fast and feels even faster.

As for saying that name… it is pronounced (GEY-AHK-O-SO). Nope, that’s not the fancy dictionary way of sounding things out. But let’s be honest, who knows how to read those anyway? This is how we sound things out. Thankfully, running in these shoes is much easier than trying to say the name. Let’s dig in:

For The Casual Or Hardcore Runner

This shoe collab isn’t groundbreaking. It certainly isn’t the first time Nike has worked with a sports group on a shoe. And it definitely won’t be the last. In fact, the Gyakusou isn’t even a new shoe. Instead, it is a remake of the original Zoom Pegasus 35 Turbo. If you aren’t familiar, this is arguably one of the most comfortable running shoes of all time. But don’t get us wrong, the Gyakusou isn’t just an imitator. It brings some special features, like an all-new lacing system.

That’s right, you won’t find any traditional laces on this sneaker. They have been replaced with a nifty elastic system. You just pull the top, secure it with the fastener (is there a name for that thing? Anyone?) Then, you can secure the extra “lace” to the shoe so it doesn’t flop around while you run. We love this feature and think all running shoes should have some variation of it.

Underfoot, you’ll be running smooth on two layers of Nike cushioning. The premier is its ZoomX foam, offering a tremendously cushy, balanced ride. From heel to toe, this padding offers tremendous support, feel, and softness. The sole is part rubber part durable foam. This helps keep the shoes incredibly light and breathable. We weren’t kidding when we said they were some of the best ever.

Street To Trail

Another thing we love about these shoes is that they look great! The Japanese-inspired design shows through in almost every aspect. The bold color scheme can take some getting used to but we like the intention. You can confidently rock these shoes on the running path or into work for casual Friday.

While we’re here, take note of a really cool design element. Sneakerheads may have already noticed. However, if you’re less keen on the inner workings of the shoe world, here’s your chance to learn. The green (or yellow depending on the colorway) highlights on the shoe serve as a skeleton, outlining all the various parts. From the midsole, to the heel, to the toebox, the skeleton surrounds and highlights each area individually. This detail is unique and adds some flair and eye-to-detail that we’ve come to know from Japanese engineering.


When you’re ready to start running in the world’s most comfortable shoes (and do so in style) look no further than Nike’s new collab and the Gyakusou Pegasus 35 Turbo. Buy Here

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