Keep Your Automatic Watches Wound and Safe With the WOLF Viceroy Collection

Not too long ago, we were limited in ways we told time, especially on the go. Before pagers and definitely smartphones, pocket watches and wristwatches were our main accessories. But for most, modern tech has left watches to be mainly for fashion, rather than serve as necessary timepieces. How many times have you rocked your favorite retro Casio, but looked at your phone for the time instead? We’ve gotten so used to using our phones for everything that watches are now just accessories.

While watches may not be a main source for the time anymore, they are still intricate, thoughtful, and even innovative pieces that can add so much to an outfit and your personality. That’s why watches deserve to be stored in something better than your sock drawer or nightstand. If you sport automatic watches, it’s even more important that they have a dedicated home. The best home for automatic watches when you’re not wearing them is a watch winder. And there’s none better than those from the luxury leather-goods company and British icon WOLF.

WOLF has been in the luxury leather-goods game for five generations since 1834. The family-run company is known for their beautifully detailed and high quality jewelry cases, watch winders, and boxes. Every WOLF piece is designed and hand made with the goal of perfection, luxury, and elegance.

Why a watch winder?

All automatic watches can be manually wound, so why a watch winder? Automatic watches wind themselves using a moving weight inside the watch. So when your watch is worn, the weight swings or rotates, turning the winding mechanism inside the watch. When it isn’t worn, it’s no longer being powered and will run down. Manually winding is always an option, but not the most convenient, so a watch winder is the perfect solution to keep your watches moving and in a safe place.

Sophisticated design and features

The WOLF Viceroy Collection has a timeless design and understated elegance. There are no flashy gimmicks here, just a classy box to house your favorite timepieces and keep them wound up. The collection includes Single, Double, Triple, 4 Piece, 6 Piece, and 8 Piece winders. Some selections also come with storage, which includes a travel case. The Double Winder is the perfect starter for someone with a few pieces in their collection. It has two winding modules, three piece watch storage, and a travel case. The three watch cuffs have been designed to fit bigger and heavier watches up to 52mm.

All Viceroy winders feature a black pebble exterior, silver textured silk lining, locking glass cover, backlit LCD display, and chrome finished hardware. The Double Winder has rotation options that are fully controllable and can be set between 300 and 1,200 turns per day. Every WOLF winder uses patented technology to count and record the exact number of rotations. There are two battery options: AC power with universal adapter or D-Cell/Lithium batteries. Directional settings include clockwise, counter clockwise, and bi-directional. The winder also features a delayed program start with delay options from 6 to 72 hours.

You can’t go wrong with a piece from WOLF and that goes without saying, this collection as well. A Viceroy winder is the perfect accessory for your luxury timepieces and will keep your goods wound and stored safely and with class. Buy Here

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