Wood Fractal Puzzles Make a Challenging and Artistic Gift

Puzzles have been all the rage since the pandemic rolled up. Classic jigsaw puzzles are great and all, but maybe 1,000 pieces isn’t enough of a challenge. Kick it up a notch with a different kind of puzzle that’s one part art and one part mind boggle. This is some kind of Inception level-type deal over here! This wood fractal puzzle from Etsy shop byKIEVWOOD makes a great gift for the holidays or for your own entertainment. The shop is based in Kyiv, Ukraine and specializes in unique wooden puzzles. Their passion for using geometric shapes started with the Gosper curve fractal puzzle. It consists of repeated pieces that create a geometric shape once put together. The shop explains that things like snowflakes, starfish, flowers, and other plants have repeating elements and that’s the principle of these puzzles. 

A thoughtful and beautiful challenge

While repeating patterns may sound simple, fractal puzzles are anything but that. They’re considered to be one of the most difficult puzzles in the world. One piece can fit in multiple places, so it’s harder than you’d think to find the right piece. Once you find all the right pieces, they fit into the “playing field” and are completely merged into the shape. That leaves a totally smooth surface and a really cool piece of art to display. 

The puzzle is a cool gift for anyone, but especially puzzle and pattern lovers. This puzzle comes with a lidded case that is available in orange, green, black, and blue. A plain unpainted case is also an option. The case makes a handsome home for this puzzle and makes it great for travel, on a picnic, or other fun activities. Fractal puzzles are available in multiple shapes, sizes, and designs. There’s even an out-of-this-world moon design complete with astronaut and rover pieces. The shop can even do a custom logo text for that extra special touch and even more unique gift. Buy Here

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