‘World Travel: An Irreverent Guide’ Brings You Inside The Mind Of Anthony Bourdain

There are few people more closely associated with travel than Anthony Bourdain. During his years of trotting the globe, cooking for the world, and exploring countless different cultures, he amassed a wealth of knowledge that can’t be rivaled by anyone.

Now, that spirit of relentless curiosity has been compiled into a book called “World Travel: An Irreverent Guide.” The fun, entertaining travel guide is the perfect gift for a travel lover in your life or as a can’t-miss read to add to your own bookshelf.

Essential Travel Tips

When you’re looking for travel tips, you only want insight from the experts. No one is better-versed in travel than Anthony Bourdain was. He visited and experienced more parts of the world than almost anyone.

His lifetime of experience is now preserved in the form of essential travel advice for experts and newbies alike. Unlike some guides, it doesn’t feature specific tips for certain locations. Rather, it teaches you how to immerse yourself in local cultures, enjoy the little things, and seek memories wherever your travels take you.

More Than A Book

Given the tragic passing of Bourdain just a few years ago, a travel guide bearing his name wouldn’t be fitting without some other substance.

Fortunately, “World Travel” includes several essays and stories from Bourdain’s friends, colleagues, and family. The book also features clever illustrations drawn by cartoonist Tony Millionaire.

Just like Anthony Bourdain wasn’t your average traveler, this isn’t your average travel guide. Nonetheless, it will teach you how to experience adventures in new locations like never before.

Thanks to its entertaining style and timeless advice, you’ll find yourself immersed from cover to cover. You’ll definitely want to read it before your trip though. Otherwise, you might not be able to put the book down the whole time. Buy Here

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