Get Ready For Summer With The World’s Largest Beach Towel

world's largest beach towel monster towel

Step into Summer prepared with the largest beach towel on the planet, the Monster Towel. Many companies claim they make the largest beach towel in the world, but the Monster Towel is truly the biggest, baddest, and best around. Buy Here

This glorious towel comes in two colors (Agua and Lime Green). How big is the Monster Towel? it takes up 100 sq. ft of space on the beach. That’s 10 feet by 10 feet of glorious beach real estate all for the taking. It’s a communal towel meant to be shared with your closest of friends. The Monster Towel is also easy to clean.

world's largest beach towel monster towel

world's largest beach towel monster towel

world's largest beach towel monster towel

This is the largest beach towel around. The Monster Towel is made out of a microfiber material that makes it both lightweight and easy to wash. Beach sand shakes right out of this glorious beach towel, leaving no mess behind.

The Monster Towel comes equipped with a carrying strap. There are also four corner pockets located throughout the Monster Towel for added storage. Another benefit of these pockets is they can act as anchors to keep the massive towel on the beach.

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