Worx WG320 JawSaw Is The Safest Chainsaw On The Market

worx jawsaw

Men want to be manly. We want to be brave. We want to go out in the backyard, climb a tree, and trim it with a chainsaw while we hold on for dear life. Men also want to live to see tomorrow, and wake up the next morning with all the limbs we had the previous day. That, my friends, is why I don’t own a chainsaw. I bet it is why you don’t either. But the Worx JawSaw changes all that. I no longer need to call a tree trimming company to do even the smallest job. With the Worx JawSaw, I can do them myself. Manhood restored.

So what makes the Worx JawSaw so safe? Glad you asked.The JawSaw is outfitted with a set of solid steel teeth that hold the wood securely while you cut. As a result, even a first-time JawSaw user will feel confident while pruning and chopping tough branches. Worx also added an enclosed jaw guard around the chain, keeping your fingers safe during tough cuts. The jaw guard doubles as a cut guide, so you won’t accidentally sever healthy branches you did not mean to cut. Not only that, the Jaw Saw is capable of making ground cuts (as seen in the image below) without the fear of kick back..

The Jawsaw features a 20-volt max rechargeable lithium battery, so it produces no noxious emissions, nor does it require you to mix oil and gas or deal with difficult startups. Buy Here

worx jawsaw worx jawsaw worx jawsaw

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