Slide Into Summer Fun With the WOW Sports Super Slide

As temperatures rise and we look for new ways to have fun in our own homes and backyards, we can seek inspiration from simpler times. Board games, puzzles, cooking, and more non-tech activities have been rising in popularity during the pandemic. For the lucky ones with yards or decks, there’s even more space and options for riding out COVID-19. You’ve got the room to fire up your grill, chill out in an inflatable pool, and garden like you have the greenest thumb. 

Summer’s all about cooling off with water. Maybe you even have space to run around with Nerf guns. You can also bring back the classic backyard activity of the Slip ‘N Slide. Who doesn’t reminisce over hydroplaning down an inflatable slide? World of Watersports, or WOW Sports, is a leader in water inflatables. From water toys and water ski tubes to three-person towable tubes and floating tubes, WOW delivers all sorts of fun with water. Their Super Slide is perfect for cooling down on a hot day in the backyard.

Fun-packed water entertainment

The slide features a zig-zag pattern sprinkler system that provides great water coverage throughout the length of the slide. This gives you the perfect conditions to slip and slide all day long. The system connects easily to a water hose for nonstop action. The slide is more than twice the thickness as most lawn slides on the market and anything but flimsy. Made from extra-thick, heavy-duty PVC, the Super Slide is super durable. The PVC is also ultra-slick already so you don’t need to add any soap. The slide measures 25′ x 6′ and has 8” high side-wall pontoons to keep you and the water inside. You also get two 36” x 24” Super Sleds to soften the impact on the ground when sliding. They also give you a smoother and more slippery ride. The slide also has a customized connection system so you can even make a 100’ slide if you want for the ultimate backyard fun. Buy Here