This X-Doria iPhone 7 Case Has Something Most Other Cases Don’t

X-Doria iPhone 7

Whether you’re looking for iPhone 7 cases or an iPhone 7 Plus cases, you cannot go wrong with the X-Doria Defense Gear series.  When you hear a name like DEFENSE, you immediately assume this X-Doria iPhone 7 (and 7 Plus) case was is made to protect the hell out of your precious cell phone. And it is! When you put this case on your phone, you might not need to “gasp” as hard when you drop it. Because it’s built to withstand drops from 6 feet 6 inches.

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But there’s something you might not expect from this case. And that is it’s thoughtful design that is made to amplify the sound from the phone’s built-in speakers. The case has dual sound channels which will allow the audio to bounce off the case and come through the holes with amplified sound. Kind of like what happens when you put your phone in an empty cup…AKA the poor man’s bluetooth speakers. See what these “dual sound channels” look like in the image below.

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X Doria iPhone 7 Case

X-Doria iPhone 7 Case (Available in 4 colors)

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X-Doria iPhone 7 Plus Case  (Available in 4 colors)

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