Ride Like Robocop On The XP Zero Motorcycle

It’s one thing to ride a motorcycle. It’s another to tear up the road on an electric motorcycle that looks like it just fell out of your favorite sci-fi movie. For those that like their two-wheeled rides a little bit unconventional, the XP Zero from Untitled Motorcycles is an ideal bike.

It has all the features you could ask for in a superbike and a stunning frame to match. It will be impossible not to turn heads while you ride this bad boy.

Electric Performance

When some people think of electric motorcycles they think of compromise. It’s understandable that the idea of riding an electric bike isn’t quite as exhilarating as straddling a roaring gas-powered one.

Fortunately for the XP Zero, there is no compromise to be found. Although it runs on electricity, this bike has all the performance riders can handle. Its 82kW motor produces a shocking 140ftlb/190Nm of torque. That’s almost double what a conventional superbike puts out. It also means that the XP Zero is able to accelerate to a pulse-pounding 124 mph with a single twist of the wrist.

Many people often overlook the get-up-and-go power that electric motorcycles and cars have. This one is no exception.

Looks Sharp Enough To Kill

While the XP Zero’s performance can speak for itself, this bike’s exterior is equally as impressive. It was custom designed by Untitled Motorcycles in partnership with Zero Motorcycles.

The sci-fi inspiration is plain to see. XP Zero features custom CNC polymer panels with frosted polycarbonate edges atop a tubular steel spaceframe. “Ghost Grey” experimental aircraft paint gives it an alluring look that isn’t easy to forget.

Finally, at just 481 pounds, this bike is lightweight and built to go the distance. It travels up to 160 miles on a single charge. Buy here

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