Yellow Leaf Hammocks: A Great Idea Finally Made Into a Great Product

Hammocks. They are great on paper. The thought of laying out between a few trees all nestled into a relaxing bed suspended in air is such a peaceful and pleasant idea. However, anyone who’s actually been in a hammock knows it feels very different. One moment you are being strangled and swallowed by this cloth monster. Then, after the slightest shift in weight, you are rocking back and forth trying not to be swung out onto the ground below. Many words can describe this experience, but certainly not relaxing. Now Yellow Leaf Hammocks have created something to remedy all the issues with the hammock to give people that perfect idea in their heads that comes to life.

What Sets Yellow Leaf Apart?

A hammock is a simple thing. Not much goes into the design, and when looking at them, they all seem about the same. So it seems a bit strange that once hammock could be so much better than another, right? Well, Yellow Leafs expert design lies within the details. Details so small you’d never know the difference just by looking. The fibers they use to make the hammock body are softer and stronger than those of their competitors. There is also many more of these fibers to add stability and durability to the shape of this suspended ‘cocoon of comfort’ as they call it. Each and every hammock they make takes an entire week to weave. That is because the fibers used in just one hammock are enough to span over 3 1/2 miles! This means that it can hold multiple people comfortably and hold up to 400 lbs. Surprisingly all this fiber is able to be packed away tightly into a bag the size of a pineapple. The details really matter, and it’s easy to see why this hammock shines above the rest.

The small details are what makes Yellow Leaf Hammocks so special. With comfort and durability that is unmatched by other hammocks, there is really no reason not to go Yellow Leaf. Buy Here

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