YETI Panga Backpack Is A Gear Fortress

You’re probably familiar with the YETI line of products. Whether you have one of their tumblers or long-lasting coolers, they offer gear for the outdoor that goes above and beyond. The newest in their line of products, the YETI Panga, is no different. More than a backpack, it is a gear fortress that keeps your stuff safe no matter what.

Have you ever accidentally walked into the water with your backpack on and everything inside got ruined? Probably not, but if so, now you don’t have to worry about that ever again. Nor do you need to worry about downpours of rain getting your stuff yet. Whether you’re using the Panga on your boat, at the beach, or on campus, water is no longer a worry. At least for the stuff inside. Unfortunately, this bag can’t “Iron Man” itself into a jacket that covers your body. Maybe they’ll include that in the second model?

This pack is 100% waterproof, even if submerged in water. HydroLok Zippers and ThickSkin Shell ensure that no water gets inside. Metallock hardware on this pack make sure that you don’t have pesky zipper jams or broken links. An array of interior pockets let you organize everything inside while removable chest and waist straps give you more stability when taking this pack into the ocean and battling the waves. Seriously, you can do that.

For all your outdoor adventures and trips that involve getting wet, the Panga gives you peace of mind that your stuff inside is always bone dry. Buy Here

yeti panga

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