Yosemite Half Dome Hike Is An Adventure You Don’t Want To Miss

Have you ever been up at 2am watching a documentary about Mount Everest? Maybe you thought to yourself, “I’m going to do that”. Although we love the enthusiasm, that might be a bit too risky of an adventure to brush the Cheeto dust off and get up from the couch to take on. However, we have an experience that is almost as satisfying and certainly much safer.

Yosemite National Park is one of the most beautiful in the country. Towering pines, scenic lakes, and yes, towering stone peaks make up almost 1200 square miles of natural beauty. Although you could take a walking tour like an everyday peasant, this is much more entertaining and rewarding.

Yosemite’s Half Dome is the tallest peak in the National Park and beckons you to come and conquer it. Enjoy the thrill of a 5000-foot hike up the mountain. Along your journey of self-discovery your guide will provide insight on the trail and offer assistance along the way.

Scaling the tallest peak in Yosemite is no small feat. So, you should be rewarded for it so that all your coworkers can marvel at your skill and perseverance. At the end of a successful climb, you’ll be awarded with a Half Dome Summit Club Patch to remember your accomplishment for life.

This journey is extremely rewarding and just challenging enough to make you rethink that 2am Everest Expedition. With an experienced guide at your side, you can enjoy the trek and take in the scenery all around you. Maybe even snap a few pictures while you’re at the top. Buy Here – Get 10% Off Your IfOnly Order Using Code “THEDAILYWANT10”

Images courtesy of ifonly.com

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