YuJet’s Electric Surfboard Lets You Surf Without the Waves

The temperature’s rising and so is our excitement for some fun in the sun. Summer’s coming and although many states are still enforcing social distancing, there are still ways you can hit the beach safely and away from crowds. Beach time comes with fun activities like swimming, jet skis, paddleboarding, and of course, surfing. But maybe riding the waves on a surfboard isn’t cool enough for you. Surfing is also at the mercy of the water’s conditions, which can sometimes make for disappointing trips. Watersports startup YuJet has a solution: a jet-powered electric surfboard that promises to amp it up, with or without waves.

A greener way for watersports

The YuJet Surfer will let you ride for about 40 minutes at speeds of up to 24 mph with a 16 mile range. You can even surf on calm waters like ponds, lakes, and rivers thanks to the water jet drive. It’s completely electric and eco-friendly, which means no emissions, exhaust, or fuel. The board also doesn’t use an exposed propeller, which makes it safe for all the wildlife in the waters. The water jet drive is similar to what you’d find in a jet ski minus the maintenance and gas.

The Surfer has a high-powered, replaceable lithium battery that is fully waterproof, rechargeable, and easy to pop in and out. The carbon fiber board is fairly easy for transport, weighing at just 20 pounds with the battery out. You can ride for about 40 minutes on one battery, so with multiple batteries, you can increase the run time swapping them in. The fins are removable as well for portability’s sake. Riders can adjust their speed with the handheld wireless controller. The controller is bright orange and floats, which makes it easy if you drop it in the water while surfing. At $9,999, the YuJet Surfer isn’t something you really need, but you might want if you won the Mega Millions jackpot. It’s an investment in fun. Buy Here

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