Sleep Comfortably Outdoors With the Zenbivy MotoBed

There’s camping and then there’s glamping. Sometimes you fall in between. A big reason many prefer to glamp it out at a cabin is the sleeping situation. Many times, sleeping bags or pads just aren’t enough and we find ourselves uncomfortable. They can also be too claustrophobic for those who don’t like being cocooned. The Zenbivy MotoBed is designed to tackle all these issues and then some. It’s the all-in-one camp bedroll that’ll be your new best friend on all your future camping trips.

Easy, fast, and comfortable

The MotoBed features a 1.5-inch PU foam mattress with an open-cell design. The dual layer luxury mattress includes a self-inflating mattress with adjustable firmness and a full foam pillow topper. Since the MotoBed inflates once it’s rolled out, you have easy setup and one less thing to worry about. Once rolled out, you can enjoy that comfortable cushy feeling we crave after a long day of hiking and adventuring. 

This means packing up is easy too. Instead of struggling to deflate a large air mattress or stuff a sleeping bag into a small sack, you just unplug and roll the MotoBed up. The quick-dump valve quickly deflates as you roll up. The included side-loading storage bag makes it easy to stash the MotoBed away. Once deflated, you just roll the bag up snugly and clip the ends together to create a carry handle. The MotoBed also comes with a soft Pongee 50d sheet. The sheet has a built-in hood to hold your full-size pillow and insulate your head and arms on those chilly nights.

There are two sizes available: large and x-large. The large weighs 8lb 10oz and the x-large 9lb 12oz, so it’s not too heavy that you can’t carry it yourself. The system doesn’t come with an actual sleeping bag, but instead, a rectangular quilt. The quilt zips up, so it’s almost like a traditional sleeping bag, but you can also just wrap around you or get under the covers. It’s warmer and feels more like your comforter at home. Buy Here

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