Zombie Archery Target Helps You Shoot Better Than Daryl Dixon

Who needs good old Daryl and his precision archery skills when you could be taking down zombies all by yourself? This foam zombie head target is made with archery practice in mind and will put you at the top of your game for when the apocalypse happens.

A Change Of Scenery

Take your zombie buddy wherever tactical inspiration strikes. The zombie head is made of lightweight foam to make moving it from place to place a breeze. Whether you want to shoot at home, on the range, or out in the woods for a more realistic effect, it can go with you.

The head also has a flat back side so you can mount it to a barn, wall, or post. If you don’t want to hang your zombie head up on anything, it also has a flat bottom so that it can stand alone.


Don’t want to be Darius today? No worries! This zombie head is also great if you’re channeling your inner Michonne. The target is durable enough to withstand sword practice. If you’re still not finding your Walking Dead inner hero, don’t turn away just yet. You can be like Rick Grimes and just shoot the hell out of this zombie with your favorite firearm.

Made With Love To Destroy With Love

All zombie heads are handmade for your destructive pleasure. No need to practice on your everyday mundane targets when you can stare down a zombie. Bring your next shooting excursion up a level and have even more fun than you usually do shooting your bow or firearm or swinging your sword.

If all of The Walking Dead references weren’t in your taste, then use this zombie head to prepare for when the T-virus takes off, remember to double-tap, or do whatever your favorite movie cliché says. Buy Here

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