Play It Safe With The Zore X Core Gun Lock

Owning a gun is your right by the Constitution. Whether or not you choose to is up to you. Though the political world is currently torn on the issue of gun control, we don’t care what side you’re on. We just want to help you own and store your gun safely. The last thing any gun owner wants is an accident. The Zore X Core gun lock helps prevent accidents by securely locking your handgun using a state-of-the-art electronic mechanism. When you need to access your gun quickly, you can do it without fumbling for a key or trying to remember a passcode.

Electronic Unlocking

There are countless different gun locks out there. You can choose from chamber locks, box locks, or even safes that hold several guns. When you want to secure your firearm easily and without taking up space, the best choice is a chamber lock. That is the style of the Zore X Core.

When you’re ready to lock things up, just slide the X Core into the chamber of your weapon. Then, after you set a “passcode,” the lock does its job. The code you set is a set number of clicks, which are felt and heard when you turn the wheel on the side of the lock.

When you’re ready to unlock, the patented Rapidial system goes to work. Under any circumstances, even zero visibility, you can quickly unlock your firearm. The system works by counting the number of clicks you turn. You can start from any point on the dial and move in either direction. In a high-adrenaline situation where you’re unlocking your gun, this simplicity can be lifesaving.

To add to the brilliance of the X Core, the lock doesn’t just come out of the chamber. Instead, when you unlock it, the lock is ejected, and a round is automatically charged into the chamber. This means you don’t have to fumble with the hardware of your weapon. Once the lock comes out, you’re locked and loaded.

The Full Experience

Zore X Core is more than your everyday gun lock. The company behind it knows that. That’s why they take every step possible to ensure your experience with the product is top-notch from start to finish.

When you unbox the lock, you’ll feel like you’re unboxing the latest iPhone. Not that it affects the performance of the tool, but there is no cheap plastic packaging here. The X Core comes securely packed to avoid scratches and feels high-quality the moment you unpack it.

Since the lock is electronic, many people fear it running low on power. Fortunately, the X Core was designed with longevity in mind. With regular use, the battery lasts 3500 locks/unlocks, or about 2-3 years. When the time expires (preferably before it expires) just swap out the battery and your lock is ready for more years of service.

The Zore X Core is truly a revolutionary tool when it comes to gun safety. We love its array of features and the speed and ease that go with it. When purchasing, double check to ensure your gun’s caliber is compatible. Whether it’s for you, a friend, or a family member, the Zore X Core lets you own your gun with the ultimate peace of mind that no accidents will happen. Buy Here


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